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  • Enterprise philosophy: integrity, win-win, create value for customers.
    Enterprise spirit: Be vigilant, be realistic and innovative, be united, pragmatic and rigorous. Enterprise culture: innovation is the soul, human is the foundation, quality is the root, advancing with the times, achieving the future.
    Management concept: people-oriented, institutionalized management, standardized work, programmed work, and data analysis.
    Talent concept: Attitude determines ability, ability is more important than education, ability is first, loyalty is important, contribution is important, both moral and talent.
    Promote the spirit: diligent and pragmatic, advocate enterprising, brave innovation.
    Employees work together frankly with employees, enterprises treat employees with sincerity, enterprises cooperate sincerely with suppliers, enterprises serve customers with enthusiasm, and enterprises, employees, customers and suppliers are fully trusted. To achieve the common improvement of employees, enterprises and supply chain as the goal, that is, to achieve the continuous improvement of the benefits of the entire supply chain of employees, enterprises, customers and suppliers. Any behavior within the enterprise should be avoided to the detriment of any party.

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